Testimonials from students and parents


 Just take a look at what my current students are saying about our studio. :)


My two daughters and I have been taking lessons from Susan for a few months now.  We have all just fallen in love with the piano and argue over who gets to practice on a daily basis.  Susan has been such an encouragement to us and has given us a passion to get better and better.  She has a great talent to teach people of all ages and skill levels.  In our lessons she goes from teaching my 9 year old, who is a beginner, to teaching my 18 year old, who is also new and then she switches gears to teach me, a 36 year old, who is brushing up on skills I haven't put into use for many years.   I have never had a teacher with as much enthusiasm and ability to build up her students as Susan has.  We all feel so very blessed to be under her tutelage!  She is helping us to make our dreams a reality.       Furnish Family / Student and Parent

My 4 year old son is taking piano lessons for the first time this year. Susan has been so patient towards him. He is very proud of himself and what he has accomplished. This is due to the overwhelming support & enthusiasm that we see in Susan each and every practice we go to.            Trudy S. / Parent


As a ninth grade student, I wondered if I had already passed the optimum time for learning to play the piano.  I am so happy that Mrs. Hong has truly helped me to  learn and embrace the wonderful art of piano.  When I first came to Mrs. Hong's studio, I had never played a piano before, but Mrs. Hong  instilled in me the confidence and the knowledge of how to turn 88 keys into music from my heart.  After just five short months, I am able to entertain my family and fill our home with music that I had only dreamed of playing before.  I would not be as passionate or knowledgeable if it had not been for Mrs. Hong  gracing me with her incredible knowledge and skill.  I look forward to many years of training and growing at this Studio.  Mrs. Hong Rocks!       Bria W.  / Student

She is patient and makes the lessons fun.  She let's me play the kind of music I like.  The amount of homework she gives me doesn't stress me out.  Emily R / Student
She makes the piano lesson fun.  I am always excited to go to piano.  She makes sure she gives you songs you like so you enjoy practicing them.  Sarah R / Student    
Susan is more than a piano teacher.  She treats her students like family by sending them birthday cards and get well notes if they are sick.  She keeps us updated with monthly newsletters where she highlights her student's accomplishments.  She motivates students in a fun way.  I always hear a lot of laughter during the lessons! I am glad my girls have the opportunity to take lessons from her!  We move every couple of years, and finding a good piano teacher can be a struggle.  As kids get older and busier, they have to choose what outside activities they will do, and my girls have chosen to continue piano lessons with Susan.    Julie R/ Parent

Ms. Hong has renewed our 11 year old daughter's interest in piano.  She had completely stopped  practicing and no longer enjoyed her lessons. Ms. Hong's genuine love for music and teaching was an immediate inspiration.  Our daughter now, not only, loves her lessons but, enjoys practicing and is making  great progress.  Our 7 year old son also takes lessons from Ms. Hong. She has given him a sense of pride and he plays with a smile on his face. She has made it fun for him and he even likes to play for family and visitors. Ms. Hong is energetic and enthusiastic.  We are so blessed to have found her.  Vivian M / Parent

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