Piano Lessons are offered to :

Age 8 to Adults and All Levels


1. Flat Rate of  $ 165 Monthly for 60 Min. Accelerated Piano Lab for 42 lessons per year

2. Private classes are Full 

    30 Min Private Class Flat Rate for $200 Monthly

**Fees such as recital, competition, auditions, theory exams, SAMTA student membership, books and materials will be paid separately


Studio Policy:

No Registration Fee

Tuition is based on 42 lessons per year and is due monthly.

Commit to the same lesson time during School Year Session (Sept. 1 - May 31)

Makeups are unlimited, however, must be all made up before the school year term is over.


One month advance written notice for Termination of Lessons is required. Written notice may be given in person or email.   


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